Welcome to the world of MillionWishes! We are excited to tell you all about who we are, where we’ve been and why this is the time for us to join together. The mission of MillionWishes is simple. We create promotional media campaigns, develop “entertainment” and “edutainment” projects, build digital media properties, launch local and regional marketing programs and produce brand-featured special events.

At all points along the way, we help to cross-promote ethnic respect and world cultural diversity through our worldwide arts, music, and technology partnerships. By pursuing the dream of creating social change with rock-solid events, MillionWishes aims to positively shapes our modern world.

We look forward to crossing paths with you…


MillionWishes is a collective that creates and produces entertainment event and marketing projects. We are a U.S.-based company currently managing media projects and properties in Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States. MillionWishes started in 2001 when our founder Tef Foo launched an initial event calendar for “Share a Wish with the World,” an innovative internet marketing campaign that ran during the turn of the millennium. Tens of thousands of voices were heard and an impact was left that would carry MillionWishes through to where it sits today.

Share a Wish with the World was immediately followed up by the hugely successful ACA World Sound Festival held on the beach in Acapulco, Mexico. ACA’s whirlwind success confirmed that the MillionWishes Company was destined to be a marketing, event, and charity powerhouse.

Currently MillionWishes team continues to build in-house and licensable events in all corners of the world. Our well-rounded entertainment, technology and marketing department are here to serve and ensure maximum satisfactory for our corporate clients and to deliver once-in-a-lifetime experience for our audience.


We create and produce entertainment, exposition and destination events worldwide combining local business and community goals with stellar events that enrich and inspire. If you desire to create an event or license an existing event we will produce it from start to finish. We also provide complete design and brand identity building services for clients and brands. This includes everything from advanced ticket sales initiatives to novelty products and immersive marketing environments.

Because of our intrinsic “integration” strategies, our marketing and branding services are popular with lifestyle and consumer brands in many countries. We are the “tastemakers”, the ones who always keep it original, fresh and innovative.

Being comprised of experts in all forms of electronic entertainment, large-scale concert production, corporate and special events and visual and information technology, MillionWishes is in the unique position to offer a wide spectrum of creative services for all who come to us for partnership.

Our collective professionals include: executive producers, promoters, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, writers, web programmers, marketing executives, philanthropists, artists, musicians and visionaries; so many talented hands all successfully working together, that’s our system.

Having a global network of both clients and artists allows us to always keep “freshness” at the forefront of every campaign and project.

“From conceptual “think tanks” to the production planning phase;

 from initial “presentations” to solid partnership collaborations;

we have the integral “turnkey” solutions and we’re eager to share!”

-Tef Foo, Creative Director, MillionWishes


MillionWishes maintains it’s proprietary, “allied partnership network” comprised of rock-solid multi-national partnerships. These “allies” represent the areas of: event production, strategic planning, licensing, touring, finance, sponsorship, promotion, international logistics, technical engineering, software/web programming, show/stage design and regional street marketing. We have long history with our network players and as a result the synergy is strong and we’re here to share these benefits with you.

MillionWishes relies on its multi-national allies to be the strong glue that connects all of our global affiliates and production contractors to our central office with strong communication and follow-through. As a direct result of this depth and ongoing inertia, MillionWishes has continued to expand its catalog of in-house products and exclusive services to more and more people worldwide every year.

“Collective strength is the only way.

It’s our World and let’s customize it together!

-Tef Foo, Creative Director, MillionWishes