Our Team

Internally our devoted team that makes the MillionWishes engine runs:

Tef Foo
Founder & Chief Creative Director

Thomas Kelley
Creative Partner

Bjorn Wallman
IT & Technology Partner

Robert Lopez
Administration Director

JuanCarlos ‘JC’ Rodriguez
Event Venture Director

Mike Coderro
Senior Chief Graphic Designer

Chris Wayne
Business Affairs Director

Eric Lee
Research & Development Director

Keith Man
Overseas Manufacturing Partner

Patti Creel


MillionWishes is passionate about technology, culture, earth preservation, peaceful co-existence and the sacredness of humanity. These ideals are clear in everything we do. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. Today is another day to converge the cultures of the world through projects that employ arts, music and commerce; and a chance to enjoy more festivities that positively change the way we all look at life and the world around us.

Let’s make magic together!

Love & Respect,

Tef Foo