The heart of our business is live events. Over the years we have been involved in executing both in-house events and licensable festivals and attractions integrating some of the world’s most prestigious companies and individuals with large-scale productions.

MillionWishes provides these two “rock-solid” areas of event production:

  1. MillionWishes In-House Events

Our in-house events have landed us on every corner of the planet. From the Caribbean to the heart of the Pacific Rim, we’ve built and produced some of the most memorable events of the last decade.

Today we continue to push the envelope of event design and production planning. As of 2013, we’ve adopted a new approach allowing all of our proprietary in-house events to be licensable and customizable to any client’s regional needs. This makes our proven, comprehensive in-house event concepts available to reach further into the world; touching the hearts of local communities and the residents that thrive there.

  1. Licensing and Manifesting Branded Events of the World

Of course we continue to have ongoing licensing opportunities for those who wish to be associated with the freshest and most widely attended concerts, shows, spectacles, competitions, conventions, tour and charity functions available in the world. If you’ve heard of an established event and would like to bring it to your city, we can facilitate it for you.

Famous event brands from Montreal, Canada to Sunny California. Tell us what your specific vision is and we will manifest your dreams for you.


What makes a successful event? What brings people from around the world to your door? What empowers your city, hires your local people, increases tourism and revenue? We believe it’s a solid, proven process of preparation, integration, and execution. It’s this same process we use for our own established in-house events that we bring to your custom, licensed event.

All of the wisdom we’ve attained is available to you now. Whether in regards to brand impressions, immersive environments or community integration, you can count on us to deliver what we know works every time. Here are some key components that have established us as a real force in the business. The “formula” we know will accomplish your expectations and more.

What we offer to you:

  1. Conceptual Process
    This is where the whole project begins. We set up a “round table” whereby everyone involved can openly share their ideas and strategies for success. We look over concept drawings and early brand marketing ideas to ensure that the event will fulfill all its objectives with style and class, on time, within budget, and according to marketing objectives.
  1. Producer/Promoter Circle
    One thing is for certain. We’ve worked with the top promoters in the world for many years. Allow us to match your needs with one of the famous promoters you’ve heard about. We’ll bring them right to your table to begin fulfilling your dream event!
  1. Event Licensing
    Is there a popular tour or festival you’ve wanted to make your own? There’s nobody that we can’t reach or partner with to bring their established event to your doorstep. Why not license an entire event for your personal or corporate needs?
  1. Talent
    Our ties to talent agencies are unmatched. Our direct artist relationships, many. We provide full talent acquisition and booking for shows, events and spectacles. Whether it’s DJs, bands, celebrities, dancers, special performance groups, acrobats, you name it, we can deliver.
  1. Tour Planning
    It’s our calendar of ongoing projects that allows us to “pool” acts together, thereby making them conveniently available to you during your allotted schedule. We have exclusive connection and reach to our tour organizing allies. This allows us to provide multi-city, multi-country, and multi-act tour packages that are feasible as well as highly-sought.
  1. Special Effects
    Perhaps you already have an event planned and merely need to add all those magic “bells and whistles” to really give the audience and experience to remember. Our partnering contractors are at the precipice of their game. From cutting-edge video mapping and branding to pyrotechnics, LED walls, custom installations, unique “immersive brand environments and domes, we have dozens of eye-popping solutions that will take your festivities to the next level.

The LED Products That We Proudly Serve: